Agro Tourism

Agrotourism is the idea of bringing urban residents to rural areas for leisure travel and spending tourism in which tourists stay with local people in rural areas abroad. Agrotourism is combination of agriculture and tourism, it is widely on discuss since 1999-2004 as per the source.  Agrotourism offers tourist on the participation of farming.  Varieties of activities like milking cows, feeding the farm animals, tending the bees, picking the fruits and many more recreational activity and outdoor activities.

 In today’s statics, more than 66% of population are still involved in this activity. For tourist they can taste fresh fruits on different places cause every Nepalese believe on ‘ Aatithi Devo Bhawa’ which means tourist are avatar of god. In this tourism, tourist can know the lifestyle of farmer and also gets chance to connect with the soil with ‘hands of experience’ with farming techniques and methods. Agrotourism is widely on discuss since 1999-2004 as per the source. Nowadays, these activity are also done by education fields and institutions. Agrotourism helps to experience rural lifestyle along farmers. Nepal contains very fertile soil of terai to the unproductive soil and even ever green forest too. Which surely helps for your research and many more. Being collaberated with UNO Travel and Adventure you can also enjoy on our own land which helps more for the agriculture on the soil condition of the himalayas to the land of terai. Hence, we also provide organic vegitable from them all over.



Package (s)

  • Cash Crop and Pathibhara trip
    Agro Tourism, Nepal

    Cash Crop and Pathibhara trip

    7 Days
  • Climate and Agro Research Farm Trip
    Agro Tourism, Nepal

    Agro Research Farm Trip

    9 Days
  • Tea State of Nepal
    Agro Tourism, Nepal

    Tea State of Nepal

    3 Days