We Care

As a proud citizen of Nepal, we are committed and take our role seriously in protecting the environment that we work in and act as responsible tourism leaders.

Our Managing Director Mr. P.K. Sherpa realized the changes that occurred in the mountains over two decades ago when he began his career as a porter. Most of the mountains full of snow during peak season now appear to have lost most of their snow due to the direct effect of Global warming. Many species of flora and fauna have lost their natural habitat, distribution of freshwater resources is uneven which is causing flash flooding. After a lifetime of research, investigation, and experience, he realized all are not the same kind of tourism and he started the categories of tourism for the first time in the world. These categories originated when he gave more than 2decades of his life in the field of tourism.

Considering himself one of the guardians of the Mountains he decided to start cleaning the Mountains from the beginning of his career with the support of his friends. Realizing awareness is the Key to helping ourselves he needed a platform, thus the GLOBALLY CONCERN CENTER for CLIMATE CHANGE as the nonprofit organization was started and was officially affiliated with the Social Welfare Council of Nepal. G4C is a nonprofit organization building political and public support through various projects and services.

In GLOBALLY CONCERN CENTER for CLIMATE CHANGE, we take the initiative to protect the environment from the increasingly adverse effects of climate change and global warming through awareness. Global warming is unavoidable thus we ensure that all our treks cause minimal environmental impact, we act respectfully towards the local culture, and also make sure the local communities share the benefits of trekking and tourism.

T3-Responsive Tourism (unoadventure.com) ___________________________

Trekking in Nepal is an answer to adventure, experiencing various cultural and breathtaking vistas of the world. Nepal offers some of the most breathtaking treks in the world because of its uniqueness in geographic diversity. Over 80% of NEPAL is made of mountains and hills. And less than 20% have commercial trekking routes with teahouses, hotels, and options to stay in the local habitat. Most prefer popular trekking regions like Everest base camp, Annapurna circuit, Makalu, etc, etc.

Nepal can still offer many new trails only to be discovered. These hidden trails will take you close to the wilderness and nature to its best. We always look for new trekking routes to explore in some of the most remote and untouched areas of Nepal. Our dedicated team is always careful to choose and explore these virgin trials discovering new lifestyles and unspoiled nature while respecting the culture and tradition of the local community.

Note: Please find the Link:https://www.unoadventure.com/t3-responsive-tourism/