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 UNO Travels and Adventure (P) Ltd was established in 2010 and is legally registered in Nepal. Our broad mission and vision focus on sustainable tourism development, aiming to provide quality service and products to our clients. Our slogan, "Touch nature, Feel the heaven," reflects our commitment not only to nature but also to biodiversity, culture, religion, world heritages, ecology, environment, and more.

The owner of the company has over 20 years of mental and physical experience in the tourism industry, having worked in various sectors, including adventure work, research, investigation, and social activities. He has even climbed Mt. Everest, reaching its summit at 8,848 meters. Nepal, officially known as the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia and is the world's youngest republic. It is bordered by the People's Republic of China to the northeast and west, and by the Republic of India to the south, east, and west. With an area of 147,181 square kilometers and a population of approximately 30 million people, Nepal boasts abundant tourism resources, particularly in its natural landscapes and high mountains.

Nepal offers numerous specialties, making it one of the best destinations in the world, with a unique image on the tourism map. It encompasses almost all of the world's climates and ecosystems.

At UNO Travels and Adventure, our mission and vision revolve around making our clients happy by providing excellent services, as we consider our clients to be like gods. We engage in various tourism activities, including mountaineering tourism, flying tourism, trekking, hiking, culture/religion tourism, animal tourism, agro-tourism, water tourism, and filming tourism. We also offer activities such as bungee jumping, health tourism, education tourism, and research tourism. Our slogan, "Preserve nature, reduce climate change," underscores our commitment to environmental preservation, which we incorporate into our work regularly. Since our owner, PK Sherpa, started his career as a porter, he has been collecting trash from the Himalayas to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of litter on the diversity of nature. Through his lifetime of research, investigation, and experiences, Sherpa has developed a close relationship with the environment, enabling us to adapt to a wide variety of environments.


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  • About us

    Uno Travel and Adventure was established legally and leads to travel, trekking, and expedition. About Uno "UNO" 'what is the name UNO? Is UNO the same as the international organization? , why UNO? which UNO? where UNO?' Snow, the source of natural water crystalline that is found in cold places in the higher peaks as the altitude soars it gets colder.…

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  • T3-Responsive Tourism

    Trekking, Tree-plantation, and Trash Collection (T3-Responsive Tourism) We are proud to announce a unique trekking package for trekkers and nature lovers - Trekking, Tree-plantation, and Trash Collection (T3). It is the pioneering concept of trekking for the new generation of trekkers around the world. With the effect of global warming and climate change, our trekking destinations are being degraded day…

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  • We Care

    As a proud citizen of Nepal, we are committed and take our role seriously in protecting the environment that we work in and act as responsible tourism leaders. Our Managing Director Mr. P.K. Sherpa realized the changes that occurred in the mountains over two decades ago when he began his career as a porter. Most of the mountains…

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  • Why should you book with us?

    UNO Travels & Adventure is a knowledgeable company founded and operated by PK Sherpa (Nepal).  Pk Sherpa is a 3 times Everest summiteer with more than 2 decades of experience in tourism, organizing, and guiding experience during trekking and many expeditions to 6000m, 7000m, and 8000m peaks in the Nepal and Tibetan Himalayas, takes care of the logistics and quality assurance. The…

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