Terai Region

The Terai region is a lowland region in the southern parts of Nepal. This region is a flat plain region consisting of three narrow bands i.e. The Terai, Chure Range, and the inner Terai. The altitude of the Terai region is 60 to 600 m from the sea level so the climate is very hot in summer and cold in winter. This region is a highly agricultural and productive region of Nepal because of its fertile and alluvial soil. So this region is also known as the “Granary” of the country. The Terai region has sub-tropical evergreen forests.

Talking about culture and traditions, the Terai region is full of cultural diversity with different ethnic groups of people following different cultures, traditions, social norms, and values. This region is also known as a pilgrimage place for many religions. Janakpur is famous for lord Ram and Sita. Lumbini is famous as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha. And a large number of people come to visit this region. Apart from religious places Terai region also offers different activities such as Rafting, Sightseeing National Parks, and the agro-based research study for many Tourists.