Trekking is another form of travelling tourism which was categorized later with the need of the time. If any action offers you walking more than couple of days than they are known as trekking. Nepal have attracted tourist since 1960s. Trekking has been leading activity of tourism in Nepal and Himalayas. Trekking contains the perfect schedule of maximum distance of 5300m and duration of 6-7 hours and even varies as per the altitude. The famous trekking are Everest region and Annapurna region where millions of tourist visit. In 1965, Colonel Jimmy Robert(1916-1997) invented trekking in Nepal. Later on 20th century creative explorer a highly decorated British Army officer who achieved fame as “FATHER OF TREKKING” in Nepal. First innovation climbing was to make mountain climbers easy. By than led to the availability of the mountaineering field open and easily accessible to a wide range of factions. His idea was trekker should be equipped with everything there they require like tents, guides, cooks and assistant guides too. He was the first mountain climber in modern history over 8,000m. In 1950 French expedition led Annapurna I.