Hiking and trekking are similar term with different meaning. Hiking walking active involves half a day with the ending point where you start within a day than that is known hicking. Hicking was not invented but discovered with the classifications of broad tourism. In the late 19th century, German named Philipp Bussemer from the quaint city of Baden-Baden is said to first torism information centrein the Black forest near to his haberdashery shop. But in the 18th century, talking a walk in the countryside for pleasure developed.

Hicking is the natural exercise with the moderate difficulty. Walking across the distance basically trails or paths are known as hicking. This active varies between shorthalf day program, these are the means for the exploration, exercise or reflection of the nature. This type of activity helps to build human spirit, improve in physical fitness and increase of environmental awareness. This helps you to prevent in different types of diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure and etc.