HMTM Climate tourism East and West

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  • For the first time UNO travel and adventure have been providing east to west fast track package including terai region to hilly through fast track. The package named Fast Track( HMTM) Religious Tours where HMTM refers to Himal Mountain Terai Madhesh, which aim to visit different religious places in different regions of hilly and terai. In this package you will be traveling the world’s one of the highest altitude sacred temple of goddess Durga, Pathibhara Devi to the sacred temple of lord Shiba and Parbati which is known as Malikarun Temple. From Pathibhara Devi Temple you can see the majestic Kanchenjunga Range and most of the mountains in the range there you can enjoy panoramic view because of its altitude, standing at 3794m above sea level. Pathibhara Devi is significant temple and visitors through Nepal and India often visit. It is also considered one of the shakti peeths. And at Malikarjun Temple hindu sets of both Shivam and Shaktam as temple referred to as a jyotir linga which is one of twelve and worshipped by Jasmine. These both temples have their belief and mythical values. Malikarjun as lord Shiva and Bhramaramba as goddess Parbati. Shiva is represented as Malikarjun, is represented as jyotirlinga. Mahashiva ratri is main festival celebrated. This temple is one of the eighteen shakti peeths. After we complete our visit and worship we will do collaboration with the locals, we will perform 3T formula which means Trekking,Tree plantation and Trash collection. Which helps us to save environment with some efforts towards the nature.

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