Education Tourism

This activity majorly focuses on the education and learning activity. In this type of tourism there are not a age limitations. In this tourism; higher education’s excursions/ field trips for the student for the better mind and psychology build up, for the science student they usually for their science research tour/ excursion, field trips and many more activity. If any travel with the learning objective than they are Educational Tourism. Educational tourism activity of people interested in foreign language, architecture, history, culture, etc. For this education there is no need of teacher or educator, they can be done with friends, family and anyone for the learning activity. This activity helps student for the practical education to know the outer world than of the study and those daily routines. This education seeks not only about culture and activity but also shows the society in its form.

 Rich culture, art, architecture we claim Nepal is one of the best destination for the educational tour. We can find various land formation from Himalayan to Terai. Various type of flora and fauna from the snow capped mountains to the plain field of Terai with green carpet with the low to extreme hot temperature. Community visit during excursion might  be one of the best, because they have their own culture and tradition   which helps tourist to know the lifestyle of the farmers of Nepal and not only their life style but also the traditional way of agriculture. As you can see variety of culture within the country and that proves we are rich in culture and by which you can learn about our culture and can exchange culture. And the valley full of Temples, Stupas, authentic Royal Residence from where we can learn history of Nepal and knowing how was it unified may get goosebumps.