Culture and Religion Tourism

This tourism offers to travel different destination to experience the religious values and cultural sites. In the tourism religion has been one of the main reason to travel the different destinations in the history of tourism. And later technology has been one of the main source of traveling in modern days. From the several development of technology like leagues of railway expansion, Industries, Commercialization of Airplanes and many means of transportation was developed in that century. After those development, short trip, tour package, coach trips and the trails travelling to the heritage places. The collection of geographic areas such as Asia, United Kingdom, United States of America, Middle East, and many other can be seen from the interactive maps.

Nepal has been the melting point of many religions and culture. The cultural heritage of Nepal has evolved over the centuries. To discover the origin of Kathmandu Valley make a cultural tour of Kathmandu to valley and still the central Kathmandu occupied with Newars. And if you travel down the hill then you can see the ox card village on the Terai Tour and if you want to discover the diversified population of Nepal. Over the many centuries many dynasties ruled Nepal and was unified by Pritivi Narayan Shah. Before the unification Rai, Gurungs and Magars has individual countries and still have individual traditions. Now also you can see various ethnic group with their own ethnic values. People can be found with different religious belief and have the majority of Hindu. Religion differs from Hindu, Buddhism, Muslim, Christians and many other religion all over the world. Buddha was born in Lumbini, Kapilbastu which is located in the Western Development Region and Pashupatinath Temple one of the oldest and very pious religious site for Hindus temple of Hindu located in the centre of Kathmandu in Central Development Region. The Pashupatinath Temple was build in 5th century and believed that it is a lord of all Pashus living as well as nonliving beins. Pashupatinath Temple’s existence to 400B.C. The rich ornamented pagoda house the sacred linga and symbol of Lord Shiva. And Changunarayan is considered as the oldest temple of Nepal. Even today we can find Sudarshan’s descendant as a priest of the temple and the Gwala’s.

Geographic structure of Nepal has divided into three parts Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region, and has the own type of ethnic groups. In Himalayan we can found the legendary Sherpas, Tamang, Gurung, Thakali and many more. In Hilly region we can found Newar, Brahmans, Chhetries and many more and in Terai region we can found Tharu Darai, Kumhal, Majhi and many others. Hence this states that Nepal is a melting point of many Cultures and Religion all in a perfect harmony.