Bhutan is the landlocked country which is situated in eastern Himalayan belt in between China and India. It is second least populated country after Maldives with the area of 38,394 square kilometer. Thimpu is the capital city of Bhutan and also is the largest city of the country. Bhutan was named after the two Sanskrit word “Bhota anta” which means end of Tibet. Bhutan is the only country in south asia which has been ruled by King and king is known as “Dragon King”. Though it is a kingdom but it also practices democracy parliament. It is situated in eastern Himalayan belt and Bhutan’s highest peak is Gangkhar Puensum with the elevation of 7,570m with other massive mountains. By the 10th century development was influenced by its religious history and Yuan dynasty with which it shares various cultural and religious similarities. Majority of people of Bhutan follow the theory of Buddhism


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    Nepal Bhutan Tour (10 Days)

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