Filming Tourism

Film tourism can be said, it is as branch of cultural tourism.  Flim has always been the driver of the society which reflects the various cultural and traditional values and many other. For filming anything first we need perfect location and location can take advantage of tourism. Nowadays mass media has been very powerful influence on people. This mass media plays a vital role to encourage tourist to visit places. Film festivals are being doing in the different part of the world and they can motivate tourism of certain places.

Nepal is also called open film city because here you can find the location as per the situation we can find freezing cold to extreme hot within the drive of three hours. Here you can find bio-diversity, flora and fauna none other in the world and mystical history of Nepal. Here in Nepal you can enjoy 126 ethnic group with 123 different languages. Culture and tradition of Nepal has always been the topic of media research and documentation.  

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    Filming Tourism, Nepal

    Fi.Tco research trip

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