Tibet is a region in Asia covering much of Himalayan Plateau. Tibet is the homeland for the people living in this region. Tibet Empire emerged in the 7th century but fall of empire the region soon divided into a variety of territories. Tibet was independent state until 1951 but later Chinese started rulling over Tibet too. Until 1951, Tibet maintained the autonomy, than following the Battle of Chamdo Tibet became incorporate with People’s Republic of China. Nowadays China governs western and central Tibet as the Tibetan autonomy region while eastern areas are now mostly ethnic. Economy is dominated by the Subsistence agriculture with dominating religion is Tibetan Buddhism, Bon which is similar to Tibetan Buddhism and there we also find Tibetan Muslim and Christian minorities. Tibetan Buddhism is a primary influence on the art, music and festivals of the region. Tibetan architecture reflects Nepalese, Chinese and Indian influences. The history of unified Tibet begins with the rule of Songten Gampo and traditionally considered that his first wife was the Princess of Nepal Bhrikuti and she has a great role in the establishment of Buddhism in Tibet.

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