T3-Responsive Tourism

Trekking, Tree-plantation and Trash Collection (T3-Responsive Tourism)

We are proud to announce a unique trekking package to trekkers and nature lovers - Trekking, Tree-plantation and Trash Collection (T3). It is the pioneer concept of trekking for the new generation trekkers around the world. With the effect of global warming and climate change our trekking destinations are being degraded day by day not only due to the natural consequences but also due to our non-responsive behavior toward our hidden treasures. We care so our coming generation would be able to taste the precious natural gifts.

We have started a responsive trekking package to our valued clientele. We offer best experience of your trekking life in Nepal making you proud through your contribution making Mother Nature more beautiful. If we start responsive trekking from today, no one have to regret remembering the past, we don't have to compare the old beautiful memories with awful present in future. What we see today, our offspring will see the same and feel the same with same experience.

Trekking is not just to travel from one destination to another but also to make it memorable or set some enjoyable events in memory.

Our core concept of T3 is to serve our valuable costumers with responsible tourism. All the usual services of trekking are available along with exciting tree plantation activities and trash collection during return trip. No additional cost and no additional hassles; just fun and excitement. We will make all arrangements for tree plantation and trash collection for free. 

Key activities during T3 Responsive Tourism are:

  • Trek for adventure, scenery, wilderness, excursion, exploration and fulfill the quest of life;
  • Tree plantation for nature conservation, snow protection, greenery and make the natural gift available to our future generation;
  • Trash collection for pollution free environment, protect lives of earth, support on reduction of effects of climate change and to be proud of being responsive tourist.