Why should you book with us?

UNO Travels & Adventures is knowledgeable company founded and operated by PK Sherpa (Nepal). Sherpa is a 2 times Everest summiteers with more than 2decades experience of tourism, organizing and guiding experience during trekking and many expeditions to 6000m, 7000m and 8000m peaks in the Nepal and Tibetan Himalayas, takes care of the logistics and quality assurance. The office and all our programs are monitored and supported by Parshu Thalang, organizer, who will execute all detail in professional manner.

Besides Sherpa and Thalang, a reliable and efficient staff in Kathmandu makes sure to handle a wide variety of tasks that come with organizing treks and climbing expedition within the Himalayas.

Passion makes the difference

Each of us (and everybody who works with us) has a long time experience in organizing and guiding treks and mountaineering expeditions to many 6000 to 8000+ peaks in the Nepalese and Tibetan Himalayas or outside the Himalayas. Many years we had the privilege to work for and learn from well known Nepalese and other adventure travel companies organizing treks and expeditions. However, our passion for the Himalayas and our vision on trekking and (high altitude) mountaineering kept growing and has led us to setup and run our own company. In UNO Travels & Adventures we combine our shared experiences and specific strengths. It's the same passion that still drives us to offer you services that are fully comparable to (or even better than) the services of the most professional trekking and expedition outfitters in the world! You will notice this when you communicate with us. You don't communicate to experienced but smart sales persons, you  chat to trekkers and climbers themselves, people who  can understand what you're talking about, what you need and who can understand and share your love for trekking, climbing and everything that make the Himalayas so special. That's why we're proud to say that our passion and experience make the difference!

The people we work with

 All our leaders have proven to be strong and skillful guide and crews in the UNO Travels & Adventures. Some of them are truly the best in this field having worked for other well known western and Nepalese trekking outfitters! Beside their trek experience they have developed strong leadership and social skills to a degree that is equal to the western values and requirements for this difficult position. As every leader has worked their way up in the trekking and expedition business, they understand exactly what staff members, guide, supporter crews etc. are capable of and what quality is to be delivered by each of them. Although trekking is a serious business, it is also meant to be a fun undertaking! That's why all our leaders and crews are pleasant and relaxed persons to hang out with, too! To provide the quality we’re talking about, we only work with experts such as: experienced, dedicated and specialized trekking guide and support crews. We operate in small teams supported with the most reliable and effective services you'll find in the region. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food and comfortable trek. This of course enables you to stay in touch with your relatives and friends if you wish.

Reliability at affordable prices

We know that trekkers and climbers have their own dreams and visions about the way they want to explore an area or to climb mountain. Therefore we treat every trek or expedition as a unique, tailor made project that meets the specific needs and demands you might require. To make things easy, we also offer you a variety of fixed service packages you can choose to organize your trek or expedition. We also believe that our western, 'nonsense' approach is an important value, which makes things clear and reliable. A local company, based on western quality, that's what we try to do here. If you work with us, you can get expert to high quality services at very affordable prices. That makes us neither ‘cheapest’ either ‘expensive’ you may find, however. Our aim is to provide services with a sensible price ratio. We believe that's good for us and everybody else involved. We don't believe in squeezing the profit of local people to offer you the lowest price on the internet.

Good reasons to work with us:

  1.  UNO Travels & Adventures has a Nepalese management with our own company in      Nepal;
  2.  UNO Travels & Adventures is sprint by very experienced trekkers & climbers, not only just sales people;
  3.  We organize high quality treks & expeditions at very sensible prices;
  4.  We only use professional and reliable equipment;
  5.  We provide ample, healthy, energetic and very tasty food;
  6.  We comply with the principles of Leave no Trash and the IPPC;
  7.  We take an outstanding care of all our staff;
  8.  We communicate clearly, without nonsense, without surprises, without hidden costs.
  9.  We provide research person and global warming conscious people in our team and nature friendly activities.
  10. Today's context of tourism story of Nepal without mediators is not coming but we are directly connected for your financial situation.
  11. We support people of Nepal through different sustainable projects More information: www.nepalholidaytrekking.com 

More information?

Have a look at our FAQ section at our website! Or just mail us at: [email protected] or at the personal email addresses we may have used already. Visit our website at:www.nepalholidaytrekking.com 

Note: Please find the Link:https://www.unoadventure.com/t3-responsive-tourism/