Religion Tour

If we look back at the Hindu Bedh, Shiva Purand, Tripitaka of Buddhism, Nepal has always been the land of god. And it is also known as the land of God and meditation. There are many holy sites and their glory, history and significance. Nepal is widely famous for the spiritual values foe both Hindu and Buddhist. It is the land of Pashupatinath which is believed that he is the creator of all the creature and birth place of lord Buddha. Pashupatinath is the sacred temple with lord Shiva and believed the  Hindu religious tour cannot be complete without visiting and worshipping Pashupati at last. There are minority of other religion too and they all are living in harmony and peace. There are many pilgrimage places within the country not only in country but also in areas. Nepal is best destination if you are wandering to visit hindu holy sites.

Package (s)

  • Lord Buddha Birth Place Lumbini Tour
    Religion Tour, Nepal

    Lord Buddha Birth Place Lumbini Tour

    5 Days
  • Jomsome Muktinath Trek
    Nepal, Nepal

    Jomsom Muktinath Trek

    17 Days