Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping was inspired by the famous ritual known ‘land diving’. Bungee jumping is the activity that involves jumping from a tall structure connected as per the depth of jumping with the elastic cord. Bungee jumping and some other activity related with the diving through free space to some point offers you the experience of freefall. Bungee jumping are done with the tall structure which are fixed. But nowadays bungee’s have been done with the moving objects too like moving helicopters and other moving objects. First modern bungee was on 1st April 1979 from the height of 76m(250ft) in Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol. David Kirke and Simon Keeling the member of Oxford University Dangerous Sport Club. Club and Geoff Tabin professional rock climbers tied the rope for the jump. Bungee was not commercialized since the beginning. Than in 1986 New Zealanders finally commercialized.

In the history of bungee in Nepal, the first bungee of Nepal was Hemja bungee jump was established in 09th October 2014. In the beautiful VDC of Nepal in Pokhara, Kaski. The depth of first bungee of Nepal was 80m with the fixed steel. The jump is from a height of 80m consisting of the 50m high cliff and 30m high tower into a natural pond with 15-20 m deep water. Water touch bungee jump is located in Hemja with a drive of 45 minutes from lakeside, Pokhara.  Later, The Last Resort established Bhote Koshi Bungee jumping in the George of Bhote Koshi river with the depth of 160m and also one of the famous bungee jump in the world. These two bungee provides different experience, one in the depth of george of one of the extreme river of Nepal and in other you can experience water touch bungee, with these specifications these bungee jump is famous in the world.