Research Tourism

Research tourism is based upon the study and learning. But in this tourism there is not specific topic, research may be of anything. Nepal is the best destination if you are searching for the research destination, why? Because here you can found 3 layers of geographic structure based upon the himalayas, hills and plane land structure, due to which there itself is the reason of research of flora and fauna. There are many flora and fauna which you can only see in Nepal. In this tourism there can be involvement of many human resources and unlimited time. The home of Himalayas and the home of forest Nepal itself is a vast term which can be researchable. Here being in Nepal you can find ever green forest, rain forest to the decertified mountains to the snow capped mountains within it. Though it is a landlocked country, but  it is 2nd richest water resources country in the world, with the possibility of many hidden resources. You can find river where current of water wipes the core of gold in Sunkoshi River. We can find extreme cold to extreme hot with other climatic condition with the approximately with the drive of three hours. Rich in culture can be another point of culture exchange and the different lifestyle of different ethnic group within the country. Arun valley Nepal’s deepest valley surrounded the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest and fifth highest peak of the world Mt. Makalu and dozens of mountains, has very fertile soil and the river in the between of the valley. Agriculture and tourism are their occupation. Every religion has spretual belief towards their god and every ethnic group has their own lifestyle.