• 3 Days
  • Nepal
  • Janakpur is centre of religion and cultural tourism and also known as Janakpurdham. City is capital of province 2. In ancient time Janakpurdham was kinddom of great King Janak as per the Ramayand. Janakpur was capital of Videha dynasty and ruled by Mithila Region in ancient time. The place has a great history for Maithili and the art and the architecture of the Maithili city. Janakpurdham is one of the most important pilgrimage site for hindu all over the world. This is the third largest city in Terai region. As Asmit and Sita are the major figure for Hinduism and Sita is regarded as goddess and the wife of Lord Ram. The economy of this city is based upon Tourism and has good health care.

    Outline Itinerary

    • Day 01:Kathmandu to Janakpur
    • Day 02:Janakpur sightseeing
    • Day 03:Janakpur to Kathmandu

    Detail Itinerary

    • Day 1Kathmandu to JanakpurWe will reach to Janakpur in the first day of the package. You can offer any transportation.
    • Day 2Janakpur sightseeingIn this day we will be traveling to different pilgrimage sites of Janankpur.
    • Day 3Janakpur to Kathmandu In this day we will travel to Kathmandu weather by road or air.

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