Climate Tourism

As we all know and we are habitual with the climate, it is one of the major components of Nature. Nothing is beyond the nature and no one can control them. But in this, we talk about the consequences by the expert of Hydrology and Metrology who helps you to know about the condition and their changes with their background to present, which helps you to know one of the major component of nature. We have been providing this category for the first time in the globe. This was categorized by the PK Sherpa by his experiances in himalyas and the experiance of collecting trash and dumps form the himalayas and his research how global warming is growing rapidly.

As nature is linked with everything in the world whether it is living or non-living they all get the effect of climate change. If you want to know about snow melting than you should know the components and how it melts and condition of snow melting from the Himalayas or may be poles. In this tourism, not only regular tourist but also Climate activist travel different parts of the world. We lead awareness programs about the climate change not only by taking there but communicating about the effects of global climate change and about global warming by the experts. Observation of different type of eco-system in different climatic condition may be another beneficial activity. This type of awareness program will be included in every package. We do provide land for the learning activity and also provide every necessarry equipments and product required.

Package (s)

  • Climate research Trip
    Climate Tourism, Nepal

    Climate research Trip

    9 Days
  • HMTM Climate tourism East and West
    Climate Tourism, Nepal

    HMTM Climate tourism East and West

    0 Days