Fly Tourism

This type of tourism takes part via Vehicles, Helicopters, Hot Air balloons, Parachuting, and many other flying objects. Anything offers flights than they can be said Fly Tourism. Objective may varies in this type of tourism some may be flying to certain distance with their work on the other they might be having flight for adventure or adventure. Fly tourism in Nepal offers you a different geographic scenarios Himalayas to plain fields of Terai with the green carpet. There are many types of Fly tourism in Nepal some of them are Sky Diving, Paragliding, Zip Flying and many other adventures. Nepal is a paradise of adventurous tourist, even there are many other panoramic view of majestic view of mountains. Maximum tourist visiting Nepal comes to Nepal via Tribhuvan International Airport(TIA).  Only bird can see the glorious and majestic view. Mountain flight provides the panoramic view of world’s highest mountains including Mt. Everest. Nepal has eight highest mountains of the world spreading all directions of Nepal. In west you can see the mighty peaks of Mt. Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna range in the east lies Everest, Makalu and Kanchenjunga these world’s highest mountains gives feeling that the horizon seems like an endless with the rough geographic structure and the mountains in the surface.